Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sentimental day.....

What is melanie feeling sentimental about lately:

  • Great talks with Betsy Lee, Elisha J, Melody J, Ash M, Brand M, and Andrew M.
  • All SA food.
  • Rosedale memories and people who have touched my heart and life tremendously.
  • The smell of the south african atmosphere.
  • Basically great talks with close friends from these past three years.
  • Fall weather
  • Remembering laughing till our bellies hurt at the movie "stardust"
  • Cake and lots of it with the team.
  • and lots of celebrated tears with happy memories remembered.
  • Getting super excited over talking about SA food with Melody.
  • Laughing obnoxiously with Eli.
  • Wretting with wendy orozco.
  • late night talks in the RBC dorms.
  • Traveling with wonderful people.
  • Long talks in coffee shops.
  • Fitting nine people into a four person car in SA.
  • Milking cows by hand.
  • Experiencing new food and cultures.
  • Long walks around Refilwe.
:) The End

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